The echo® Hydrogen-enriched Water Ionizer is the ultimate in water purification. Engineered with the most advanced and effective built-in filtering system that includes multi stage filtration. The pH range of this unit is among the highest in the industry. The key element in the performance of the echo® 7 Water Ionizer is that it will not degrade over usage and time. Our Forever Warranty gives you peace of mind. There are no stipulations.  Because of the patented anti-scale system, your ionizer will perform without degradation. Scale or calcium build-up in water ionizers has been an issue since they were developed over 45 years ago. Scale attaches to the electrodes due to electrical charge and heat on the surface. If scale builds up, the water going through the ionizer will no longer be an effective antioxidant. The echo® 7 Water Ionizer has the patented technology that changes the electrical charge of the electrodes in the water cell every time the ionizer is turned on, preventing calcium or scale to attach to the electrodes. The echo® Water Ionizer is guaranteed to operate scale free for the lifetime of the unit.

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