About Circulation Nation

Our studio is a welcoming oasis. You start with a glass of energizing echo® hydrogen-enriched water; exercise on our whole body vibration machines; relax & detoxify in our warm infrared sauna.; all while the air is being purified by our salt lamps.

4 Steps to a New You

Circulation Nation is equipped with the world’s most advanced Whole Body Vibration Platforms, but did you know that WBV technology is only one part of the experience?  To maximize the benefits of WBV, every studio also offers the additional benefits of eco® Ionized Water, Himalayan Salts, and Far-Infrared Saunas.


One of the easiest ways to start improving your health is by hydrating your body properly, and the most delicious water you will ever experience is a staple at Circulation Nation.  Doctors have long known the importance of proper hydration to overall health, but it’s also about choosing the right method of hydration.  Our incredible water ionizer delivers a polarized, filtered cup of pure alkaline hydrogen-enriched water that will quench your thirsty body.  Water ionizers are currently classified as medical devices around the world; the Ionizer filters out harmful components in tap water and uses electrolysis to transform the water, making it nourishing and satisfying.  Our members are encouraged to hydrate properly with antioxidant alkaline water before and after sessions.


Not all vibration machines are created equal.  At Circulation Nation, we emphasize safety and quality when designing our machines.  We encourage you to research and compare what is available in the marketplace. We are convinced that you will see the difference in quality and results with machines from Circulation Nation. By doing two 10 Minute Sessions a day for just a few times a week, you will begin to feel the WBV difference.

Detoxification: Far-Infrared Sauna

The Far-Infrared Sauna provides an escape to a private oasis retreat.  You will find harmony and inner balance as the safe and invisible light rays emanate deep into your skin releasing toxins like heavy metals, chemicals and plastics that may have accumulated in your body.  Far Infrared Light is the safe part of the sun’s rays, responsible for most of the life found on earth. These light rays are vital to health and stimulate our body’s metabolism helping us to burn approximately 300 calories in a 15 minute session. The sauna allows an experience of deserved relaxation as aches, pains, inflammation and swelling subsides.  Escape to the saunas at Circulation Nation.

Rejuvenation: Himalayan Salts

The WBV lifestyle is all about making small changes that have dramatic effects.  We are big lovers of the naturopathic characteristics of Himalayan Salts.  At Circulation Nation, you can find unique Salt Lamps that emit negative ions to create a balanced and harmonious mood while purifying the air.  Our members leave Circulation Nation feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.  We also offer a variety of Himalayan Salt products for home use, including bath salts, edible salt, salt lamps and brine.  Himalayan Salt is the least processed salt available and contains 84 different minerals.